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"We increased my number of leads and members in my Facebook group, plus launched my virtual video series."  

"I reached out to Lavada because I needed to launch my virtual programs for my business. My genius is communication and connecting, but it requires me a lot of extra time to plan and execute funnels and launches alone. My greatest accomplishments working with this team were improvement with design and my brand visibility, smoother systems and strategic planning and the support of not doing it alone. Together, we increased my number of leads and members in my Facebook group, plus launched my virtual video series. I was very happy to work with Lavada and her team." - Dr. Ali

"Lavada Thompson is AH-MAZING!"  

"I just have to shout from the rooftops that Lavada Thompson is AH-MAZING! After meeting Lavada at a coaching event a few years ago, we invited her to speak at our Business Development Retreat in 2015, and again in 2017. She once again knocked it out of the park! Not only is she highly skilled at putting together successful launches for clients, she is also an EXCELLENT teacher. She is truly gifted in how to break complicated processes (like marketing funnels) down into simple action steps that anyone can do. We love working with Lavada and highly recommend her to anyone that needs expert help in product launches and marketing their business online!" - Andrea Anderson

Is your product launch smart? Find out now!

Lavada Thompson

Lavada Thompson, Product Launch Manager for Coaches & Consultants

Affectionately dubbed “Launch Queen” and “Conversion Diva,” Lavada Thompson is passionate about helping coaches, consultants, speakers and service-based entrepreneurs to grow successful businesses online. She partners with her clients to create lucrative, leveraged streams of revenue so that they can make more money and serve more people while enjoying more time and freedom to do the things they love.  

With Lavada's support, her clients have collectively generated more than $2 million in online sales. One of her favorite all-time quotes is "Don't worry that you'll take a shot and you'll miss. The fact is, you'll miss every shot you don't take."